About Intex

7 Editions. 1000+ Textile Suppliers. 25,000+ Buyers. 30 Countries.

Intex South Asia is the largest and most established international textile sourcing show in South Asia. With 7 successful editions in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, connecting 1,000+ global textile suppliers with 25,000+ leading buyers from 30 countries & regions, Intex South Asia has been successfully showcasing manufacturers and suppliers of fibers, yarns, apparel and denim fabrics, clothing accessories and allied services to discerning buyers in South Asia and other international economies

It fulfills the growing demand for innovative, trendy fabrics & accessories for South Asia - one of the biggest apparel manufacturing regions in the world. Intex South Asia is endorsed by major Government bodies, Chambers of Commerce and Associations in South Asia and is the most sought after annual industry event for the textile & apparel industry.