Exhibitor Application Form

A - Participation Cost
(Please select)
Participation Cost:

USD 700
(Inclusive of 18% GST)
Participation cost includes:
  • A dedicated Exhibitor Page with Virtual Booth
  • Upload Company Brochures, Presentations and Corporate Videos, Product Video Demos, Product Posters, etc.
  • Pre-fixed B2B Meetings through Zoom
  • 30 Product Display with Details
  • Real-time Chat with Booth Representatives
  • Exchange Business Cards
  • Request for a Quote just like a Real-time Exhibition
B - Advertisement in E-Show Directory
Sr. No Type of Advertisement Cost* (Please select)
1 Inside Front Cover Advertisement USD 200
2 Inside Page Advertisement USD 150
C - Banner Advertisement in Lobby
Sr. No Type of Banner Cost* (Please select)
1 One Bunting (369 x 630 px) USD 250
2 Two Buntings USD 400
3 One Banner (321 x 310 px) USD 200
4 Two Banners USD 350

We hereby apply for participating in Intex South Asia, International Business Matching Week in Virtual Avatar. By signing this application form, we hereby acknowledge and confirm that we have read all the provisions contained in the “Exhibition Rules and Regulations” as stated on the show website. We agree to pay our participation and promotion fees immediately on signing this application form. We understand and agree that all the participation and promotion fees paid or payable by us is nonrefundable unless cancelled by the Organiser. We understand that the above information will be included in the Show Organiser databank. The Show Organiser and other companies appointed by the Show Organiser are permitted to use our information, our company name and logo for promotion of Intex South Asia, International Business Matching Week in Virtual Avatar and/or for other trade promotion purposes. We will not hold the Organiser or any company appointed by them responsible for any error or omission.